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Trust Funding in Michigan

A trust is a fantastic tool, but if it isn’t funded, it’s barely worth the paper it’s printed on. It’s like buying a new car, but not putting any gas in it! Great to look at and talk about, but it isn’t going to get you very far.

So, what does funding a trust mean?

Funding your trust is the process of transferring your assets from your name (joint ownership, an old trust name, etc.) into the name of your newly established trust. This can be a very long and tedious process filled with pages and pages of forms. Banks, Insurance Companies, Investment advisors and even the US Treasury Department have different rules and forms that need to be completed in order to fully fund your trust.

At Carrier Law, we guide through the entire process of re-titling your assets, and we work directly with your financial institutions to ensure everything is complete. This is unique: most law firms set up the trust, but you are expected to fund it yourself. We are by your side every step of the way until the trust is funded and set up to the way you intended.

Fully funding your trust is the only way to make sure that you avoid probate and that your assets go to exactly who you intended them to go to.

Not sure that your trust is fully funded?

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