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How To Avoid Probate

The Last Will and Testament is an important legal document which tells the court (upon your death) how you want your probatable estate distributed. 

Not all property goes through probate.  For example, property held jointly would pass to the survivor without the necessity of being probated in most cases.  A will has several components which will tell the court:

  • Whom you want to be your personal representative [Executor];
  • Whom you name as guardian of your minor children, if you have any;
  • Whom you name as the conservator of any monies received by minor children;
  • The terms of any trust you might want to establish.

Unfortunately, probate is unpredictable. That’s why many people chose to avoid it. However, if all of your heirs agree (Do your siblings always agree?) and your assets are centralized, it can go smoothly.  If only one of the heirs, or someone who thinks they should be an heir contests the will, it can be costly, potentially drag on for years, and it’s all public record.

Do you want your neighbor knowing your personal business? Do you want this to happen to your heirs? I didn’t think so! There are ways to Avoid Probate. Learn how by reserving a seat at an upcoming LifePlan™ workshop.

Experienced and Compassionate Guidance Through All Stages of Probate

Probate can be a lengthy and complicated process, involving mountains of paperwork and requiring a heavy investment in terms of both time and money. At theLaw Offices of David L. Carrier, P.C., we understand what a trying and difficult time this can be for your family, and we are here to help. We have been providing compassionate, professional estate administration and probate services to clients for over 34 years, and we can assist you in getting through the probate process in the fastest, most cost effective manner possible. Our family probate lawyers provide effective, efficient legal representation, at a time when your family most needs it.

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