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Veteran Pension Planning

You May Be Eligible for Significant Benefits

  • If you served on active duty for a minimum period of time during a period of war;
  • If you received a general discharge or better from service;
  • If you are the surviving spouse or unmarried child of the deceased veteran;
  • If your income and assets fall within certain limits;
  • If you or your spouse is over age 65 or has certain physical limitations;
  • You or your spouse may be eligible for a Veterans Administration Pension and other benefits.

The “Improved Disability Pension” at the “Aid and Attendance” level may be worth as much as $2000 per month of tax-free income. A wide range of other health benefits may also be available, including medical equipment and supplies, medications and burial benefits. You may also be entitled to help with assisted living services, housekeeping, personal hygiene, cooking, transportation, and mobility devices.

How Do I get the Benefits I Deserve?

The rules that apply to eligibility for this benefit are complex. Assets and income are the key elements to be considered. We can help to understand the complexities of the VA rules; we offer a comprehensive analysis to navigate those complex rules to ensure that you and your family are receiving the full benefits to which you are entitled. Although certain steps must be taken to be able to qualify, specific legal tools may be used to make sure that one type of benefit will not have negative impact on your other future benefits, especially your Medicaid eligibility.

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