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Updating Living Will

5 Reasons to Update Your Living Will

A living will is a crucial part of planning for the future. It can help ensure your family is prepared to handle end-of-life decisions if you were to suddenly become terminally ill or critically injured. Just like other legal documents, a living will cannot remain static. Here are five reasons to consider updating yours.

Relationship Changes: Dependents, Divorce, Death

If you have or adopt a child, separate or divorce your spouse or experience the death of an immediate family member, you may need to choose a different person to manage your affairs and make decisions on your behalf. Updating your will to reflect this change will make it easier for your wishes to be followed.

Medical Diagnosis: Should They Pull the Plug?

It can be easy to make decisions about your future care when you are healthy, but a diagnosis may force you to rethink your choices. For example, you may change your mind about whether you want to be kept alive if you require the assistance of a ventilator or feeding tube.

Make sure your living will matches your current health care needs, situation and feelings.

Relocation: Is Your Will Nil Since You Moved?

Where you live matters in terms of whether your end-of-life wishes will be faithfully executed. Each state has its own regulations regarding living wills. Review your current will to determine if it is adequate for your new home jurisdiction.

For example, a living will is not recognized as a legally binding advance directive in Michigan.1 This means there are no formal requirements for drafting one, nor does having one provide absolute assurance that your wishes will be honored. However, it is still recommended to have a living will, as it can still protect you, your loved ones and your assets at the end of your life

Health Care Advancements: Clinical Trials, Transplants – Yay or Nay?

There have been incredible advances in health care in just the past decade, from bionic limbs to full face transplants.2 While you cannot anticipate all the technological improvements to come, you can be proactive by updating your will to be more inclusive of medical breakthroughs.

Aging: What Were You Thinking Back Then?

Your thoughts about life can change as you age and gain more experience. Years from now, you may find yourself questioning what you were thinking when you first drafted your living will. That is why it is a good idea to reevaluate your living will every five to 10 years or so to decide if you want the level of care specified in your directive.3

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