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Why is Building an Estate Plan Important?

Planning for your estate, and what will happen to it after you die, is one of the most important things that you can do, especially if you have important assets that you want to protect. While it is not always pleasant to think about, as you age, the future becomes more uncertain; you can protect your assets and the people that you love by planning for your estate – and we can help.

How We Can Assist You

Our attorneys are committed to helping you protect what you love. We offer the following services to all of our clients:

Wills and Trusts


Estate planning strategies

Business Estate

Understanding estate tax

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All individuals who own assets should consider an estate plan.

The Benefits of Estate Planning

Planning for your estate is a smart idea; if you do not make a plan for what will happen to your estate – another word for your assets and property – then the future of your estate will be uncertain. While Michigan law will still allow your estate to go to your closest relatives, who gets what will be out of your control.

In addition to making it clear how your assets will be distributed upon your death, estate planning also allows you to ensure that your loved ones are provided for, including a spouse, minor children, grandchildren, or disabled family members. An estate plan can also minimize the stress experienced by family members when you die, and avoid the tedious probate process. An estate plan that is well-devised can also minimize tax liabilities, too.

All individuals who own assets should consider an estate plan; for those with significant wealth, an estate plan is a necessity.

Smart Estate Planning Strategies

We understand that to you, an estate plan is more than just a financial decision; it is a decision that will have a long-lasting and direct impact on your loved ones. As such, all estate planning strategies that are employed are tailored to your specific needs. No two estates or families are alike, and your estate plan should reflect that.

Experienced Estate Planning Attorneys

Our law firm is one of the most experienced estate planning law firms in the country, with more than 34 years’ background helping clients in Michigan. In fact, our firm has assisted more than 10,000 families with their planning needs, resulting in millions of dollars of life savings and assets protected.

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